Join CAB

The Campus Activities Board is always looking for new members for its committees! Check out more information about the different committees, here.

Just fill out this form, turn it in to the CAB office, located in Suite 160 of the Campus Life Building, and you will be contacted soon!

Also, be advised the committees may not meet weekly so please feel free to contact the Coordinator in charge of that area before attending a meeting.

Committee Coordinator Office Hours Committee Meeting Info E-mail Address
Advertisement TBA Mondays @ 8:30 pm CAB Conference Room
Athletics Jacoby Barron TBA
Campus Relations Scott Friedman TBA Mondays @ 8:30 pm CAB Conference Room
Comedy Anthony Ruelli Tues:  12:30-3 pm; Weds: 3-6 pm
Educational Leadership Nathan Lupstein TBA
Fine Arts Carrie Morris TBA
Graphic Design Rainn Darring II TBA Mondays @ 8:30 pm CAB Conference Room
Graphic Design Marissa McDonald TBA Mondays @ 8:30 pm CAB Conference Room
Huskie Traditions Troy Hewitt Thursdays 9 am - 11 am
Huskie Traditions Casey Scott

Live Music Randiss Hopkins TBA TBA
Public Scheme Imani Hannah TBA Mondays @ 8:30 pm CAB Conference Room
Seasonal Events Kimberly Manno
Social Media Alexis Reed Mondays @ 8:30 pm CAB Conference Room
Special Events TBA CABSpecial
Unity in Diversity Janina Flores TBA Wednesdays @ 4 pm CAB Conference Room


Executive Officers:


Officer Title Office Hours E-mail Address
President Richard Moore Monday 1 pm - 5pm; Tuesday: 2-5 pm; Weds.:  1-5 pm Thurs:  2-5 pm Friday:  2:30-5 pm.
Vice-President of Operations Eddie Fisher, Jr. Monday 12-2:50 pm; Weds:  9-10:50 am Friday:  12-2:50 pm
Vice-President of Finance  
Vice-President of Programming Martha Ross Monday:  1-2 pm Tues.:  12:30-2 pm; Thurs:  12:30-2 pm; Friday 11 am - 3 pm