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Thank you for visiting the Campus Activities Board's website! The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is Northern Illinois University's official programming board, bringing you diverse events throughout the year! Our events vary from large concerts to intimate leadership development sessions, and everything in between!

CAB is a student-run organization devoted to the NIU student body. CAB events are open to all NIU students, and students interested in joining CAB can be involved on many different levels. Explore our website or stop by our office located at the Campus Life Building, Suite 160 for more information.

Open Positions Available
(Applications due January 30th, 2015)

1. Coordinator for Educational Leadership

The Coordinator for Educational Leadership will run the committee that is responsible for planning events that encourage contemporary and innovative styles of learning beyond the classroom for the Northern Illinois University campus community through various speakers, forums, and venues. Past events include co-sponsorship of the Leadership Academy, NIU Lead Summit featuring The Buried Life, and co-sponsorship of an alcohol social norms marketing campaign. 

Please fill out the application form and submit it to the Campus Activities Board office (Campus Life Building 160) by 4 pm on Friday, January 30th.  Don't forget to sign up for an interview time when you turn in your application!  Please call 815-753-1580 with any questions.

2. Marketing Intern/Coordinator

**This position is advertised as an internship, but students may also apply for the position if they do not wish to receive class credit for their work.

The CAB Marketing Intern will be considered the primary contact in regard to the Marketing efforts for the Northern Illinois Campus Activities Board and will be responsible for chairing the Marketing Committee as the Advertising Coordinator. The CAB Marketing Intern will also work in conjunction with the Assistant Director, Graduate Advisor, and the VP of Operations for CAB to outline and execute a Marketing plan as well as any implement marketing strategies for the Spring 2015 semester. The Marketing Intern will be also be considered a voting member of the Campus Activities Board and will be eligible to run for executive board positions upon completion of internship.

Please submit your application to the Campus Activities Board office in Campus Life Building 160 by 4 pm on Friday, January 30, 2015.

Full Job Description and application form here.

CAB @Welcome Days 2014

Join CAB!

The Campus Activities Board is always looking for new members for its committees! Check out more information about the different committees, here. Just fill out this form, turn it in to the CAB office, located in Suite 160 of the Campus Life Building, and you will be contacted soon! Also, be advised the committees may not meet weekly so please feel free to contact the Coordinator in charge of that area before attending a meeting.