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For regular updates about our organization, find us on Huskie Link at Log-in with your z-ID, search for the Campus Activities Board, and request to join our page!

CAB Logo 2013

Thank you for visiting the Campus Activities Board's website! The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is Northern Illinois University's official programming board, bringing you diverse events throughout the year! Our events vary from large concerts to intimate leadership development sessions, and everything in between!

CAB is a student-run organization devoted to the NIU student body. CAB events are open to all NIU students, and students interested in joining CAB can be involved on many different levels.

Congratulations and welcome to our 2015-2016 CAB executives and coordinator/interns:

President:  Rainn Darring
Vice President of Programming:  Kalenna Kaske
Vice President of Operations:  Chianthony Lee
Vice President of Operations:  Matt Holmes
Coordinator/Intern for Advertisement:  Amirius Clinton
Coordinator/Intern for Athletics:  Tyler Denham
Coordinator/Intern for Campus Relations:  Sam Zangara
Coordinator/Intern for Classic Events:  Joy Adams
Coordinator/Intern for Classic Events:  Shaka Ford
Coordinator Educational Leadership:  Jake Swick
Coordinator/Intern for Huskie Traditions:  Cody Timmins
Coordinator/Intern for Performing Arts:  Riley Hurley
Coordiantor/Intern for Digital & Social Media:  Devin Moore
Coordinator/Intern for Special Events:  Tribuana Jones