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Tuition, Fees, & Surcharges

Fees and Common Charges

The expenses listed below are the majority of fees and common charges, in addition to tuition, that a student may incur at NIU:

Undergraduate Student Fees

  • Academic Program Enhancement Fee
    This fee is assessed to all undergraduate students at all campus locations and is charged at a per semester rate.  Revenues from this fee are used to meet the ever-emerging demands for cutting edge academic programs and services for NIU students.  Critical areas for funding include library journals and books, support for courses in high demand, technology upgrades, as well as support for identified academic strategic planning initiatives designed to strengthen, direct and further improve academic programs, research and the academic experience of students.
  • General Fee (DeKalb Campus Only)
    General fees are assessed to undergraduate students taking courses at our main campus in DeKalb and are charged at a per credit hour rate up to a maximum of 12 credit hours for a semester.  Allocations from these fees support:  Building maintenance for classroom buildings and other campus facilities such as Holmes Student Center, the Recreation Center and the Convocation Center, and campus infrastructure improvements in order to provide students with a quality learning environment;  University Health Service which provides comprehensive ambulatory health care for students while the university is in session;  the Huskie Bus service (fee paying students can ride buses without paying charged fares);  the university’s intercollegiate athletic programs for both men and women; the university’s grants-in-aid program (a merit based scholarship program);  and the Student Association and its activities such as concerts, films, speakers, etc.
  • Outreach Delivery Fees (Satellite and Off-Campus Program Locations Only)
    If you are taking courses at one of our regional campuses, an off campus location, or online, you are charged an outreach delivery fee which is assessed at a per credit hour rate. These fees are used to support infrastructure needed to deliver regional courses (e.g., operations of NIU regional centers, rental of non - NIU facilities, faculty travel and development of online courses).
  • Regional Course Charges (Special Off-Campus Courses Only)
    Certain off-campus courses are more costly to produce at these locations and are assessed a regional course charge which can vary from $50 to $100 per credit hour. Information whether a course has a regional course charge and the amount of that charge can be found on the semester course schedule open in new window with the class and section information for the course, or through the Off-Campus Programs open in new window website.

    NOTE: There are no exceptions or waivers of the above listed fees.
  • Student-to-Student Program Fee
    This fee is assessed to all students who register for 12 or more on-campus semester credit hours of instruction. It is a needs-based Financial Aid fund for students, and the state contributes matching funds.


Fees Charged to All Students

  • Student Medical Insurance
    Students registered for nine or more on-campus credit hours, participate in a foreign study program, or are international students, will be charged the student health insurance premium. Insurance is charged on a per semester rate. For the current insurance rate, select undergraduate, graduate, or law as appropriate for your program of study.

    Students can opt out of this insurance coverage and request a cancellation of the fee if they are covered by an insurance plan with benefits equal to or better than the NIU coverage. To opt out of the insurance students must contact the Student Insurance Office prior to the beginning of the semester or within the first 15 calendar days (not class days) of the semester. Only the Student Insurance Office can remove the insurance premium from the student’s account. For more information on student medical insurance or for questions regarding student medical coverage select student insurance open in new window or call the Student Insurance Office at (815) 753-0122.
  • Material Fees
    Material fees are charged per course for special materials specific to the course.  All associated costs are reflected on the student's financial account via MyNIU open in new window. For additional information on any material fee, please contact the department that is offering the course of study.
  • Bookstore Charges
    For a limited time at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, students receiving financial aid awards are allowed to charge up to $700.00 of books and school supplies ($350.00 for Summer). Books can be purchased at the University Bookstore open in new window or the Village Commons Bookstore open in new window, and will be charged to their student billing account. Note: Bookstore charges added to your student account will appear on your next monthly account statement and will be subject to interest in accordance with the payment policy.
  • Late Immunization Fee
    All students accepted at NIU must provide immunization records in accordance with the Illinois College Student Immunization Act. Students late in turning in their records are fined a late immunization fee by Health Services open in new window.
  • Parking
    Parking Permits are required to park in most parking lots on campus. If you do not have the required permit for the lot in which you are parked you will be issued a parking ticket. For more specific information on parking regulations and permits please select Campus Parking Services open in new window.
  • Pharmacy Charges
    University Health Service has a pharmacy where students can get prescriptions filled. Please select pharmacy open in new window for more information.
  • Room and Board Charges
    Students who wish to live on campus in the residence halls sign a room lease for the academic year and are charged room and board fees per semester. This also includes a ResNet Access & Support charge, residence hall surcharge, and an optional contractual agreement of Huskie Bucks open in new window. For the current residence hall rates, please visit Housing and Dining open in new window.
  • Telecommunications Charges
    For students residing in the residence halls and university housing (Northern View), telephones are provided in the rooms. For more information on the charges, please see ITS Communication Services open in new window.