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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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When calling the Bursar's Office, the receptionist will not provide my student account information. Why?  show ▼

There is a hold on my student account. What is this for?  show ▼

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What expenses does my graduate tuition cover?  show ▼

Why is my Graduate tuition so much higher than previously? Will I also be charged fees?  show ▼

With this change in Graduate tuition consolidating tuition and fees, what happens to my waiver? Or my employer reimbursement?  show ▼

I am a graduate student and my tuition rate is higher than my friend’s who is also a grad student at NIU. Why?  show ▼

What are the tuition and fee rates per course?  show ▼

What is truth-in-tuition and why did my rates change?  show ▼

Are there any required undergraduate student fees?  show ▼

Why was I charged student medical insurance? Can I cancel out of it?  show ▼

Who do I contact to remove/adjust parking tickets, library fines, late immunization fees, and/or any other miscellaneous charges on my statement?  show ▼

Why was I assessed a late payment fee?  show ▼

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When are payments due?  show ▼

Will my classes be cancelled if my payment is late?  show ▼

Where can my payments be made and what forms of payment are acceptable?  show ▼

Which credit cards do you accept for payment?  show ▼

Can I drop off a payment after regular office hours when the Bursar’s Office is closed?  show ▼

Can someone other than the student make an online payment?  show ▼

I made an online payment to my student account and the Bursar hold is still on. How can it be removed?  show ▼

Are both my credit card number and electronic check number encrypted on MyNIU when making an online payment?  show ▼

When I am having trouble making a payment on MyNIU what can be done?  show ▼

My employer has a reimbursement program for taking college classes. Does NIU offer a deferment plan for the costs paid by the employer?  show ▼

I am concerned about not being able to make payments for the semester. What should I do?  show ▼

I received a "Returned Payment Fee" on my account. What is that for?  show ▼

The College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition (529 Plan) is paying for my tuition and fees. What do I need to do to notify NIU?  show ▼

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I have financial aid (e.g., loans, grants, and scholarships) but I do not see it reflected on my Account Statement. What should I do?  show ▼

Why is my current account balance in MyNIU different than the amount due on my monthly account statement?  show ▼

Where is my account statement mailed?  show ▼

I submitted an address for billing, but my statements are going to a different address. Why?  show ▼

Can I have my account statements mailed to someone other than myself?  show ▼

I have misplaced my account statement. How can I obtain another copy?  show ▼

I am having difficulty viewing a statement online. What should I do?  show ▼

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When will initial refunds from Financial Aid be processed for the current semester?  show ▼

Do I need to apply for a refund of a credit balance?  show ▼

Can I pick up my refund check?  show ▼

How do I sign up for direct deposit?  show ▼

How will the money be sent to the bank when using direct deposit?  show ▼

What if I want to cancel direct deposit?  show ▼

What happens if I close my bank account and do not notify the Office of the Bursar?  show ▼

As an NIU employee, I have direct deposit set up for my payroll. Will my Bursar refund be automatically deposited into that account?  show ▼

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I enrolled at NIU but I decided not to attend the university this semester. What should I do?  show ▼

How will a course withdrawal/university withdrawal affect my student account?  show ▼

How will a withdrawal affect my financial aid for the term?  show ▼

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What is the purpose of IRS Form 1098-T?  show ▼

When are 1098-T tax forms sent out?  show ▼

What happens if I never received my 1098-T tax form?  show ▼

How do I know if I qualify for an educational tax credit? How do I claim it if I qualify?  show ▼

There is no dollar ($) amount in Box 1. Why?  show ▼

Why does Box 2 include future spring charges?  show ▼

What is included in Box 5?  show ▼

What charges and/or fees are not included on the 1098-T tax form?  show ▼

I am having difficulty viewing my 1098-T online. What should I do?  show ▼

I'm having trouble printing my 1098-T online. What can I do?  show ▼

For additional information regarding tax credits, view the Internal Revenue Service open in new window website. For questions relating specifically to information provided by NIU on your 1098-T tuition statement, you may contact the NIU Office of the Bursar.

Please note, however, this office CANNOT provide any tax advice.

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How do Student Organizations set up an Accounts Receivable account?  show ▼

Does my student organization need an Accounts Receivable customer number to book events on campus?  show ▼

I forgot my student organization's customer number. Can you tell me what it is?  show ▼

What is the "hot list" and why is my student group on it? Why do I have an AR Hold?  show ▼

I was the President or Treasurer of a Student Organization on campus. Why do I owe the debt from my Student Organization?  show ▼

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