Student Organization Billing


Student Organization Billing

The Commercial Accounts Receivable Office, within the Office of the Bursar, issues customer numbers to Student Association (SA) recognized organizations/groups. The customer number allows organizations to charge services on campus for their activities and events. Note: For your protection, the policy of this department is to NEVER give out your customer number or your organization's account information over the phone.

Phone: (815) 753-1885; option #5
Adobe acrobat icon Student Organization AR Policies (pdf)

Do this First!

Before your organization can obtain a customer number from this office, you must do the following:

  1. Your organization must be recognized by the Student Association Office (SA).
  2. If your organization is funded by the SA, you do NOT need to obtain a customer number from this office. Groups that are SA funded are assigned a number such as "41 CO" by the SA Office.
  3. Information of your organization and its officers must be on file with SA and kept up to date.
  4. Outstanding balances must be paid before any changes can occur on the customer account.
  5. Two officers from the organization (either President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer) are required to establish an account. Only the two officers that signed the documents are authorized to charge on the organization's account. The officers must be present with their Photo IDs in our office when setting up the account or inquiring about account information.


All charges billed through the Commercial Accounts Receivable Office must be paid by cash, check, money order, or online by credit card or e-check. If there exists any discrepancies in your billing, it is your responsibility to protest the charges. Payments can be made payable to Northern Illinois University and mailed to:

Northern Illinois University
Accounts Receivable Office
DeKalb, IL 60115-2854

Hot List

Important: Your organization will be placed on a Hot List if it has an outstanding balance 90 days past due.