Journal of Burma Studies

Volume 15.2, 2011



A Kingship by Merit and Cosmic Inverstiture: An Investigation into King Alaungmintaya's Self-Representation
Jacques P. Leider


The Making of the Culprit: Atula Hsayadaw Shin Yasa and the Politics of Monastic Reform in Eighteenth Century Burma
Alexey Kirichenko


Conjuncture and Reform in the Late Konbaung Period: How Prophecies, Omens and Rumors Motivated Political Action from 1866 to 1869
Aurore Candier


Narratives of Nation, Questions of Community: Examining Burmese Sources Without the Lens of Nation
Alicia Turner


The Position of Rājāvaṁsa Kathā in Mon History-Telling
Patrick McCormick


From Gold Leaf to Buddhist Hagiographies: Contact with Regions to the East Seen in Late Burmese Murals
Alexandra Green


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