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Hsun-ok (offerings container),
crowned by the mythical bird hintha

Bamboo, wood, metal sheet, lacquer, gold leaf, colored glass.

Burma/Myanmar; early 20th Century
BC 2005.2.24; Northern Illinois University
Southard Collection

Spired vessel used to bring food offerings to the monastery.The interior bowl is made of plain red lacquer. The lid is crowned by a hintha made of a wooden body, with metal sheet for the wings and tail, thence lacquered, gilded, and inset with glass jewels.

The container is made up of several pieces which can be easily disassembled. The lower part, including the stand and the bowl, are in coiled split bamboo while the upper parts are of turrned wood. The external decoration of the whole is in thayo decorated relief, into which pieces of colored glass are affixed.