About Us

About the Center

The Center for Black Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program that offers undergraduate courses relating to African and African-American life and history.

The center also researches, collects and analyzes data on all aspects of the African experience on the Continent and in the Diaspora.

The Center for Black Studies is also a place where students can go to for advisement, information to academic and professional resources and networking. Dubbed the “home away from home” for African American students, the center is also a place where students go to hang out and socialize with other students in a warm and welcoming environment.

The Center for Black Studies is housed in a nine room facility, built in 1993, which houses the offices of its professional staff, some organizations, and the conference/class room.

The center seeks to stimulate student’s professional, cultural and social interests by providing programs, events and support to facilitate the needs of students. A number of professional and student organizations are sponsored through the center.