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For Students

Submitting a SafeAssignment

Submitting a SafeAssignment is similar to submitting a regular Blackboard assignment, but there are unique features and characteristics of SafeAssign to be aware of.

Important!  Your browser settings must accept cookies.  If you are using Safari as your web browser, you will need to enable third-party cookies.  Failure to do so will result in the error messages "InstanceNotFound" or "You are not logged in".  

To change your settings in Safari to accept cookies:

  1. Go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences
  2. Click the Security tab
  3. Under Accept cookies, select Always
  4. Close the window

Some later versions of Safari will require these steps:

  1. Go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences
  2. Click the Privacy tab
  3. Under Block cookies, select Never
  4. Close the window

To submit a SafeAssignment, follow these steps:

  1. From the Course Menu, select the Content Area that holds the assignment, for example "Assessments"
  2. Click the link labeled >>View/Complete  

    SafeAssign 1

  3. On the Upload SafeAssignment page, click Choose File and select a file to attach. (Optional: Enter comments to your instructor about the submission or assignment.)
  4. Click Submit

    SafeAssign 2

  5. Click >>View/Complete to view your submission and/or view your SafeAssign report

    SafeAssign 3

  6. View your submitted work.  You have the option to download the assignment file and also view your SafeAssign report. (Note:  Delays in SafeAssign occur throughout the semester based on high demand. Blackboard currently reports as much as 24-36 hours or more may elapse before report results are returned.)

    SafeAssign 4

Last updated: 4/28/2015