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New Course Menu Features Coming in Blackboard Next Generation

Date Posted: 03/22/2011

Course MenuOn May 30, 2011, Blackboard Next Generation (NG) will make its campus-wide debut at NIU. In preparation for this upgrade, ITS is pleased to provide this preview of Blackboard NG’s new Course Menu features.

The Course Menu layout has been upgraded and faculty will no longer have to use the Control Panel to make changes to the Course Menu.  Customizing the Course Menu will take only a few clicks of the mouse:

Interface Components

Button 1 - Rename, hide or delete menu items

Button 2 - Reorder menu items by a simple drag-and-drop technique with your mouse

Button 3 - Create a new Content Area, Tool Link, or even a Blank Page and customize your own Course Menu

Faculty members who begin preparing their Summer 2011 Blackboard courses prior to the May 30th upgrade will be the first to experience the new Course Menu layout in the current Blackboard version. The new interface components and customization features will be available following the May 30th upgrade.

For a step-by-step tutorial demonstrating how to customize the Blackboard Course Menu in Blackboard NG, see blackboardtutorials.niu.edu/customcoursemenu

Want to learn more about Blackboard NG? Sign up for one of several Preview Sessions or workshops being offered by the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center at niu.edu/blackboard/ng/workshops.shtml. For more details on Blackboard NG, visit niu.edu/blackboard/ng