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New Features in Wimba Classroom 6.1

Date Posted: 06/16/2010

On June 8, 2010, NIU's Wimba Classroom server was upgraded version 6.1, the latest available release. The upgrade, while primarily improving overall system performance, did include the following technical and usability improvements:

  • Increased Video Device Support: While Wimba previously only recognized specific USB web cameras, existing video hardware and infrastructure can now be leveraged. If your computer supports the video camera, so does Wimba Classroom! Data cameras and video equipment used for other specialized lab procedures, such as those used in the physical and health sciences, can now be used with Wimba Classroom.

  • Higher Quality Video: The default window size and video window encoding size have been doubled as both can now be set to 640x480 (previous maximum video size was 320x240). The default video encoding bit rate has also been doubled and can now be set to 512 kbps (previous default video bit rate was 256 kbps).

    Video Size

  • Archive Reminder: presenter is reminded to start archive at beginning of session

    Archive Reminder

  • Hand Raised Chime: chime is now played when a hand is raised to alert presenters when students raise their hand

    Hand Raise Chime

  • Shortened Guest Access Link: shorter link for easier distribution to guests via email

    Guest Access Link

  • MP3 & MP4 Archive Download Links: easier for students to now download either the audio (.mp3) or video (.mp4) archives directly from the list of archives for the room

    Download Archives

For more information about using Wimba Classroom in Blackboard, visit niu.edu/blackboard/wimbaclassroom