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Blackboard News

Scheduled Blackboard Outage and Upgrade to Version 8.0

Date Posted: 07/20/2009

Several known issues exist when using Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) when attempting to access a number of web sites, including Blackboard. Reported IE 8 issues with Blackboard include:

  • Slower loading of pages
  • Shrinking data fields and buttons
  • Inability to add files to the Digital Dropbox
  • Inability to run Wimba Setup Wizard or enter a Wimba Classroom
  • Error messages prompting for a valid file type when uploading an Assignment

Microsoft is distributing IE 8 via Automatic Update as a high priority update. NIU Blackboard users are recommended to NOT upgrade to this latest version of Internet Explorer as it is not certified for use with Blackboard or many other enterprise applications. It is recommended to continue to using a previous version of Internet Explorer or another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

To avoid potential problems an IE 8 Blocker Tookit, available from Microsoft, can be installed. This will prevent the IE 8 installation through Automatic Update. To uninstall IE 8, follow instructions provided by Microsoft available here.

Click here for more updates and additional information from ITS on Internet Explorer 8 as it becomes available.