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Course Removal Information: Fall 2005 Courses

Date Posted: 02/06/2007

The processes to remove old Blackboard courses from the system will be run according to the following schedule. Following the removal process, only courses taught within the last 13 months will appear among Faculty Members' lists of courses. Course ID numbers are used to identify courses taught within the last 13 months. Shell courses will not be affected.

Removal Date: March 15, 2007
Semesters Removed: Fall 2005

You will need to archive any courses you wish to retain before the course removal process begins. Faculty members are responsible for archiving their own courses.

The archival procedure should be a two-step process:

* First, download all grade books that need to be retained. Downloaded grade book files can be saved and accessed in Excel. Instructions are online.

* Second, archive course materials and save them on a zip, CD or hard drive. Visit the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center online documentation for instructions.

If you have any problems archiving a course, please contact the Customer Support Center at 815-753-8100.