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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


When I want to remove access to my test will I lose the data?

If a test is removed after students have taken it, the data will be lost. Instead, once all students have taken the quiz, the Faculty Member can make the test unavailable; this way the data remains in the Grade Center but students do not have access to the test. To make a test unavailable:

  1. Make sure that Edit Mode is On
  2. Navigate to the content area that the test is in (For example, Assessments)
  3. Click the Action Link next to the title of the test
  4. Click Edit options from the Action Link Menu
  5. click Modify test options click Do you want to make the test visible? No and then click Submit.

How do I add images to a test or quiz question?

Images, files and external links can be added to test questions. This is a 2 part process. First you have to enable the image setting for that exam. To do so, click the Question Settings button on the Test Canvas (the page where you add questions) and place a checkmark next to Add Images, files and external links to questions.

When you create or modify questions, browse for the image file (click the Browse button next to File). Choose Display image within the page from the Action drop down menu. With this option, the image will be embedded right into the question. Or you can choose Create a link to this media file -- in this case Blackboard will not display the image, but will add a link for it that students will be able to click on.

How can I combine questions from several exams into one, larger test?

Faculty can combine questions from several tests by adding a new test then selecting questions from existing pools or assessments into the new exam.

After a test is taken, if a question has the wrong answer marked, and I change it to the right answer, will the scores be updated?

It is possible for you to update the correct answer and point values after students have taken a test. You have the option of changing the correct answer, giving full credit to everyone, or making the question extra credit.

To change the correct answer for a multiple choice question:

  1. Go to the test canvas by clicking the round drop down arrow next to the test, either where it is deployed or in the Grade Center
  2. Click Edit the Test from the menu
  3. Find the question that needs to be changed
  4. Click the round drop down arrow next to the question
  5. Click Edit from the menu
  6. Change which answer choice is correct by selecting a different radio button
  7. When you click the Submit and Update Attempts button, Blackboard will automatically regrade the question and update student scores

The process is similar for other question types. If you want to give students credit for more than one response (i.e. you are now accepting 2 or more correct answers on a question that only had 1 correct answer), select the option for allowing partial credit and give the second correct answer 100% partial credit. 

You may also want to throw out a question by giving all students the points or by changing the question to extra credit.

To award full credit or extra credit:

  1. Go to the Test Canvas (steps 1 & 2, above)
  2. Find the question that needs to be changed
  3. Click the Point value to the right of the question
  4. Click the appropriate checkbox, Extra Credit or Full Credit
  5. Click the Submit and Regrade button

For some of my students, the Hot Spot question does not record the students' selections in the correct area. What is causing this?

There are a few reasons this could occur. First, it is important to understand that the Hot Spot question type uses a built-in browser capability for identifying the coordinates of where you click on the image. The browser sends this to Blackboard as a coordinate pair, and then Blackboard checks to make sure that point is in the region identified as the correct answer.

In some cases, students' answers are inaccurately marked as incorrect because they are using Internet Explorer. Some versions of Internet Explorer calculate the coordinates differently. Students should try to use a different browser for taking tests with Hot Spot questions, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Another problem situation arises if the students zooms in or out of the browser to make the text and images larger or smaller. Because coordinates are calculated from the upper left corner of the image, the position would be different for an image re-sized by the browser, so a correct selection would be marked as incorrect. Students should not use the browser zoom controls when taking a test with Hot Spot questions.

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Last Updated: 02/27/2014