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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Can I add a TA in my course?

Yes. Additionally, you can assign your teaching assistant(s) various rights within the course. To add a TA:

  1. In the Control Panel, click Users and Groups, then Users
  2. Click the Find Users to Enroll button
  3. Type the student's ID into the Username box or click Browse to search for the student
  4. Choose the desired role from the Role drop-down menu
  5. Click the Submit button

Note: See the Managing Users page for more information about User Roles to determine what role you would like the teaching assistant to have.

Can the TA also be a student in my class?

Any user within Blackboard can only be assigned one role at any given time. The TA role includes access to most features of the Control Panel and to the Grade Center. However, when Edit Mode is off, the view of the course is similar to the student view. Therefore, both Faculty Members and TAs have the ability to preview course content to see how it will appear to the students in the course.

Can TAs request Blackboard courses?

A TA who is the instructor of record and wishes to teach using Blackboard can request Blackboard courses associated with the scheduled course sections assigned in MyNIU. New Blackboard courses must be requested each semester.

Should TAs use their ZID or AID to login to Blackboard?

TAs have both a ZID (student ID) and an AID (employee ID). The AID should be used for teaching responsibilities, including logging into Blackboard for teaching purposes, while the ZID is for student work.

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Last Updated: 08/11/2011