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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackboard FAQ: Quizzes

I created a quiz in Blackboard and found an error. Can I go back and change that question?

Questions can be modified before the quiz is made available (deployed) to students: Control Panel click Assessment click Test Manager click [modify selected quiz]. Be certain to review the questions carefully before deploying it to a Content Area for delivery to students.

I posted my quiz and several students have taken it; now I realize there is an error in one of the questions. Can I modify that question?

Quizzes can be modified, even after student grades are posted: Control Panel click (content area where test is posted)click Modify click Modify the test. Remember that the students who have already taken the test will not see the changes you have made to the questions nor will their grades be altered by any changes you make to the grading considerations for the quiz. For these reasons, modifying a test after deployment is not advised.

Students are complaining that they get error messages when attempting to submit quizzes. Are there any solutions?

Remind students that successfully taking a test in Blackboard requires them to follow a few simple guidelines: (1) do NOT use the browser's back button to navigate during a test. The back button will invariably result in an error. (2) Do not begin a test unless you have time to complete it. Once you open an exam, you must finish and submit or you will lose your chance to take the test. (3) Do NOT attempt to take the test through AOL. You may be allowed into the exam but will experience problems when trying to submit it. (4) If you finish the test and submit but get an error message, contact your Faculty Member immediately.

I want to get a report on the percent correct per question in a quiz. Can I see this individually or by class?

Yes, it is possible to view percent correct on a quiz either for an individual student or for the class in general. To view a breakdown of percent correct for the class, go to CONTROL PANEL click GRADE CENTER and click on the title of the item in the Grade Center (ie: column) that contains the scores for your quiz. Then, click on the option to VIEW ASSESSMENT ATTEMPT DETAILS. This will display each question of your quiz and the corresponding percentages of students selecting each possible answer. *Note - If you happened to use question pools to build your test, you won't see this aggregate summary as not all students answered identical questions.

To view a the percentage correct and the specific questions answered correct/incorrect for an individual student, go to CONTROL PANEL click GRADE Center and click on the score in the Grade Center column for the assessment that you'd like to view individual student results. Then, click the VIEW button to see each question that student answered and whether the response entered was either correct or incorrect.

Can I prevent cheating during an online quiz?

Dishonesty in test-taking is not new to the online environment.

Can I configure a test or quiz to show students feedback but NOT the correct answers?

Yes, new in version 7.1, this is now possible.

When I try to follow the online instructions to prevent a student from printing and/or copy and pasting an exam, the instructions state script can be copied and pasted into the HTML. However, when I go to the HTML as instructed in the 'test instructions' area, a window pops up that does not have any method for 'copy-paste'. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to type the script in myself?

You'll have to use the keyboard shortcut to paste. After copying the code, click in the HTML window and then hold down the Control Key and the letter V if your are using a PC, or the Apple key and the letter V if you are using a Mac.

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Last Updated: 09/26/2007