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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pseudo-Student Accounts

How can I preview my course from the perspective of my students?

Some faculty may want to enroll themselves as a student in their Blackboard courses to see what students see, but to do this they need a Z-ID (ie: student login for Blackboard). Faculty using Blackboard to teach can request pseudo-Z-IDs for themselves at ITS's forms website at itsforms.niu.edu.

To request a Z-ID, follow these steps:

  1. From the ITS forms site, click Computing Access Resources (CAR)
  2. Select Faculty/Staff Account from the drop-down list and then click the Account Management option and the Continue button
  3. Click the Create/Reactivate option and then the Continue button
  4. Click the Faculty/Staff Z-ID option and then the Continue button
  5. Enter your NIU Account ID and other information as prompted by the form, including the "Add Z-ID to Course" fields to have your Z-ID added to your course for you
  6. Click the Next button and follow any remaining instructions to submit the request.

Once requested, it will take approximately 3 business days for the Z-ID to be created. If you did not include the "Add Z-ID to Course" information when requesting the Z-ID, once created, it can be added to a course following the instructions provided at www.niu.edu/blackboard/build/users.shtml.

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Last Updated: 05/04/2011