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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackboard FAQ: Grades, Dropping Scores

How do I drop the lowest score(s) from a set of scores in my Blackboard Grade Center?

In order for a lowest score or scores to be dropped from a student's grades, a Weighted Column must be created in the Grade Center.  Additionally, prior to creating the Weighted Column, each assessment in the Grade Center must be assigned to a specific Category.  For more information on Grade Center Categories, please click here.

1.  From the Grade Center, select Create Calculated Column > Weighted Column

Image of Calculated Column menu

2.  Enter a Column Name along with any other desriptive information needed

Image of Section 1, assign name

3.  In Section 3, select each category (predetermined by the faculty member) and assign the percentage value to each
Note:  Your Calculated Columns should total 100% of the course's total points.  For example, if a Category was created for Chapter Quizzes, and they total 20% of the course, then one or more Categories must be worth 80%. 

  • Highlight desired Category and click the adjacent arrow

Image of Category being selected

  • Enter the weight percentage for each item
  • If a low score is to be dropped, enter that information here

Image assigning point value and lowest score

4.  Depending on how your Grade Center is to be used and viewed, you will need to determine whether this column will be calculated as a Running Total as well as other options

5.  Click Submit when finished


Last Updated: 08/03/2011