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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackboard Communities

We would like to start offering workshops to our affiliates and wanted to use Blackboard for these workshops. How would we set up Blackboard accounts for these workshops?

When Blackboard will be used for purposes that are not course related, a department or a center can request a Blackboard Community rather than a course. Blackboard Communities have most of the same features and functionality as Blackboard Courses but are meant to be used for NIU activities other than courses scheduled through Registration and Records. NIU departments, organizations, committees, and communities can request a Blackboard community from DoIT for a fee for the purpose of communication, collaboration, and/or training. Blackboard Communities also provide access to Blackboard Collaborate, which would allow you to offer training online.

More information about Blackboard Communities can be found here: http://doit.niu.edu/doit/blackboard/blackboard_community.shtml. This link has information on how to request a community, how to enroll users into it, what the pricing options are, etc. There is a charge to the department/center to use a Blackboard Community; that price is based on the number of users who are going to be enrolled in it. More information about the pricing options and user enrollment can be found at: http://doit.niu.edu/doit/services/blackboard.shtml.

A department or center can request to have affiliate AccountIDs to be created for the community. An affiliate AccountID is a Novell AccountID which is generated for someone who has an affiliation with NIU but does not fit into the usual classification of a faculty, staff or student. It is only meant to provide access to Blackboard courses and/or communities. Associated E-mail accounts are not generated for a Blackboard affiliate AccountID. The Blackboard community leader or course Faculty Member can fill out the online Computer Access Request form at https://ssl.niu.edu/app/itsforms/ to request Novell AccountIDs for non-NIU participants.

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Last Updated: 08/31/2016