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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackboard FAQ: Clickers, also Student Response System

Can Turning Technologies clickers be purchased for one class and be used in another class?

Yes, students can use purchased clickers in multiple classes.

Where can clickers be purchased?

Students can purchase clickers at the university bookstore. New Turning Technologies clickers purchased during the first 6 weeks of 2011 Fall and 2012 Spring semester are eligible for $15 rebate each.

Can more than one student use the same clicker?

Yes, more than one student can use the same clicker, but NOT IN THE SAME CLASS.

Can students sell or give their clicker at the end of the semester to other students?

Yes, they can.

Can quizzes be created before class time?

Yes, quizzes can be developed beforehand and stored in a TurningPoint file.

Can TurningPoint files be stored on a network drive and accessed/modified there?

Yes, you can store, access and modify TurningPoint files on a network drive.

Does TurningPoint allow for multiple user (faculty) capabilities?

Anyone with access to the computer that has TurningPoint installed can create interactive presentations. In order to import a Blackboard class roster  faculty need to log in to Blackboard with their NIU AccountID and Password. To do that, they must have the role of an instructor in the course.

Do clickers come with batteries? If they do, what is the projected battery life of a ResponseCard NXT?

Yes, Turning Technologies clickers come with batteries. The projected battery life is about a year. Each clicker has a battery life indicator, so that when the indicator shows the batteries are low, students can replace them.

Can "on-the-fly" questions be incorporated in an existing PowerPoint presentation?

Yes, they can. Faculty can use TurningPoint AnyWhere to ask on-the-fly questions basically from any application.

Are "on-the-fly" scores recorded in the Blackboard Grade Center?

Any engaged lesson, "on-the-fly" or otherwise, can be uploaded upon completion of the assessment OR can be uploaded later after class.

Can faculty members work on building exams, quizzes, etc., in a practice class in their own departmental offices or at home?

The TurningPoint files are portable. Faculty can create exams, lessons, questions, and quizzes wherever TurningPoint is installed. Faculty members typically transport the files to the classroom on the USB device.

How can faculty prevent misuse of response pads, namely, how do they prevent students giving other students their clickers for taking quizzes?

Each clicker has a unique serial # tied only to one student. A roster can be produced (printed) that is a list of first and last names and corresponding serial numbers. This list can be used to verify (via NIU One Card, for example) that each student leaving the classroom has used his or her own clicker. At that time the clickers can be powered down – so that students can not leave the room with test answers stored on their clickers.

Is Turning Technologies software installation required in the smart classrooms or can the software be run from the USB/flash drive?

TurningPoint AnyWhere software does not require installation and can be run from the USB/flash drive. This software allows to ask questions basically from any application (a browser, Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint). However, in order to complete more advanced tasks, such as student roster download, or session report, faculty need to have TurningPoint installed on the smart classroom computer.

What is the range of possibilities of Turning Technologies software? Can it be used for self-paced testing?

Turning Technologies software supports a range of possibilities for faculty who would like to use clickers in the classroom - from basic student engagment questions to full self-paced exams. Different types of software are needed for these different possibilities. Please refer to the software downloads page (http://www.turningtechnologies.com/responsesystemsupport/downloads/) for a description of each application and download links.

Does Turning Technologies software run on a Mac?

Turning Technologies software can be run both on a PC and a Mac. Please refer to the software downloads page (http://www.turningtechnologies.com/responsesystemsupport/downloads/) for a description of each application and download links.

I will be using eInstruction CPS in the Fall 2011 semester. Will this software be still supported?

eInstruction CPS will still be supported in the Fall 2011 semester. The software will be installed in the NIU Provost's Office sponsored smart classrooms and faculty can contact Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center, if they have any teaching-related eInstruction questions. For Spring 2011 semester, NIU will transition to the central support of Turning Technologies student response system.

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Last Updated: 08/09/2011