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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackboard FAQ: Chat Session, Archiving

What does the Archive tool record in a Chat session?

The Chat archive records all written comments viewable by the entire class as well as web addresses for sites the class navigates to. There will not be a record of whiteboard notes (in Virtual Classroom archives), or private messages (even those intended for the moderator). If a student asks a question using the Q & A feature (in Virtual Classroom archives) and the moderator answers privately, this will not be recorded. 

In addition to being able to record a Chat session, the moderator will have access to the pause recording, stop recording, and inserting a bookmark.  Additonally, there are a variety of setting available that provide viewing control over the Chat window.

How do I archive a chat session in the Virtual Classroom?

In this version of Blackboard, chat archives must be manually started at the beginning of each session. The Record icon is found in the upper right-hand section of the chat screen. When the archive is started, a message will go to the group stating that the session is being recorded.  Both the moderator and the participants will be able to access the recorded archive by following these steps:

  • Go to Tools in the Course Menu, or Course Tools in the Control Panel (Faculty only) and click Collaboration
  • Find the desired discussion and click the action link to the right of the link
  • Select Recordings
  • Click the link to view the recorded archive for that session

I had a chat session, but now I don’t see an archive. What happened?

Chat archives are not created automatically. To create an archive, you must press the Record button while in the chat. The archive will continue to record until you press stop (only the Faculty Member can start/stop recording).

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Last Updated: 06/13/2011