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Building Your Course

Exporting a Course

The Export Course feature creates a package of the course content that can later be imported into Blackboard and used to teach another course with the same content. Unlike the Archive Course feature, the Export Course feature does not include the records of any user interactions with the course -- it only includes the contents of the course.

The Export Course feature is useful when course materials will be reused at a later time to teach a new group of students. This is in contrast to the Archive Course feature which is useful in preserving a record of a course after it has been taught.

Screenshot highlighting the process to export a course

After the selections for Export Course are submitted, the system creates the Export package. When the package is complete, an email alert is sent to the faculty member. After the email is received, the faculty should open the Export / Archive Manager and download the Export package to the local computer. Export packages are saved as a .ZIP files.

Note:  It is important that an Export package is not unzipped or any files removed from the package, otherwise the package will not be imported correctly. 


Last updated: 3/12/2015