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Edit or Manage Content

Edit or Manage Content

Once various types of content have been added to a course, such as files, assignments, and folders, there are a number of options available when it comes to editing or managing content that has been already added.


Manage Content

To mange or edit content that has already been added, navigate to the item and click the action link located to the right of the item.  This will open a menu with the following options:

  • Edit - Select Edit if you wish to change the properties of the item, such as its name, description, availability, or date restrictions.
  • Adaptive Release - Creates basic rules for an item. Only one rule per item can be created, but the rule can have multiple criteria, all of which must be met.
  • Adaptive Release (Advanced) - Create sophisticated combinations of release rules by adding multiple rules with multiple criteria to a single content item. Users must meet all the criteria of one of the rules to gain access.
  • Set Review Status - If Review is on, users will have the ability to mark this item as Reviewed. If Review is off, no option will appear.
  • MetadataContent Metadata stores information about a Content Item, including bibliographic, lifecycle, and copyright information. Metadata allows content to be imported from and exported to other applications that use IMS (Instructional Management Systems) standards, creating interoperability for learning content.
  • Statistics Tracking (On/Off) - To view detailed usage statistics on selected content items for all enrolled users, turn on Statistics Tracking. Statistics Tracking must be turned on for each individual item to be tracked. The default setting for Statistics Tracking is off.
  • User Progress - Check whether students can access your content items. If a content item has been made unavailable, the User Progress page indicates that the item is not visible to users. The User Progress page also lists Adaptive Release rules that affect the visibility of an item. If Review Status is enabled for an item, you can check which students have reviewed it and when they reviewed it.
  • Copy - Many content items, including links, URLs, content folders, Learning Modules, offline content and tools can be copied between courses and folders. Copying content does not delete the content from the original location.
  • Move - Many content items, including links, URLs, content folders, Learning Modules, offline content and tools can be moved between courses and folders. Moving content deletes the content from the original location.
  • Delete - Permanently removes selected content.


Last updated: 03/04/2015