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Building Your Course

Lesson Plans

A Lesson Plan is a container that is similar to a folder that can hold and organize content-related items. A Lesson Plan can have multiple components, such as lesson profiles or descriptions, instructional objectives, and content-matter related items.

A Lesson Plan is a versatile tool that can be custom-built according to a faculty member’s needs. Faculty can create a Lesson Plan strictly for personal use (for example, as an organizing or planning tool), or for presenting content matter to students. Faculty can also create a Lesson Plan to assist students in understanding learning objectives, necessary content materials, and assignment- or test-related information.

Lesson Plans can include a variety of content and media, such as audio, image, or video content, as well as embedding Interactive Tools or Mashups.

Screenshot showing how to the Lesson Plan

To access the Lesson Plan feature: Click any Content Area in the Course Menu > click Build Content in the adjacent window> click Lesson Plan

Last updated: 4/28/2015