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Building Your Course

Course Content

Course content is made up of the folders, files, text, images, media, links, tests, and interactive tools assembled and organized by faculty. Content is added, deleted, edited, and organized using the Course Menu and Control Panel. There are many different ways to create and organize content for a course.

Screenshot highlighting the various content item buttons

All content shares a few similarities. Each piece of content has a name and description. Many types of content also allow the faculty member to set options, such as availability and date restrictions.

  1. Build Content - The Build Content drop-down menu contains all the types of content faculty members can create within their course.  There are options to create a variety content types, create a new page, or create a Mashup. All of this content can be organized in folders to create a structure and flow through the course.
  2. Assessments - The types of Assessments that can be added to a course include: Tests, Surveys, Assignments, Self and Peer Assessments, and SafeAssignments. All of these items will automatically generate a column in the Grade Center.
  3. Tools - All of the interactive tools can be used to collaborate with the students in a course. The tools available in the menu include: Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Groups, Virtual Classroom, Chat, and Blackboard Collaborate.
  4. Partner Content - This feature allows faculty members to add the textbooks that are used within their course as a piece of content.  Textbooks can be searched for by title, subject, author, or ISBN, or it can be manually entered.  If available, a thumbnail image of the book’s cover is included as part of the content.


Last updated: 03/04/2015