CBBS Friday Noon Seminar


Fridays at noon in La Tourette Hall
(formerly Faraday West) 201

Spring 2016

April 22 Debabrata Chakravarti
Northwestern University
Host: Sudeshna Chakraborty
Transcriptional and Signaling Mechanisms in Prostate Cancer and Tissue Fibrosis
May 4*
Wed. at 4:00 p.m.
LaT 201
Ben Clark
University of New Mexico
Host: Tia Donaldson/Doug Wallace
Cortical-Limbic Circuits, Neural Maps, and Spatial Disorientation
May 13 Chung Wong
University of Missouri – Saint Louis
Hosts: Michael Vega, Chong Zheng
Incorporating Receptor Flexibility in Computer-Aided Drug Design
May 27 Dr. Channing Der
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
Drugging Undruggable RAS: The Holy Grail of Cancer Research