CBBS Friday Noon Seminar


Fridays at noon in La Tourette Hall
(formerly Faraday West) LaT 201

Fall 2016

Sept. 23 Inaugural Women in Medicine and Science Symposium
At Rosalind Franklin University
Host: Rosalind Franklin University
Gender Bias under the Microscope
Oct. 7 Kyoung-Joon Oh
Rosalind Franklin University
Host: Preeti Vodnala and Michael Vega
Assembly of Bak Homodimers into Higher Order Homooligomers in the Mitochondrial Apoptotic Pore
Oct. 21 Michael Vasquez
Hosts: (Hagen)
Identification of Selective JAK1 Inhibitors for Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases
Oct. 28 Veena Prahlad
University of Iowa
Hosts: Sadie McWaters (Matuszewich)
Neuronal Control of Cellular Stress Responses
Nov. 11 Carol Thompson
Northern Illinois University
Hosts: Michael Vega (Gaillard, Lurio)
Atomic Force Microscopy: introduction to its advanced applications in materials physics, biology and biochemistry
Nov. 18 Christopher Stipp
University of Iowa
Host: Sally Yacout
Mechanisms of integrin functional diversity: Alpha-3 is Abl to restrain Rho
Dec. 2 Xiaojing Yang
University of Illinois Chicago
Hosts: Jennifer Tournear

Structure and Photo-activation Mechanism of Orange Carotenoid Protein - A Dynamic Crystallography Aapproach