Marching Band


Marching Band

The Pride of the Midwest

The Huskie Marching Band has developed a legacy and earned the respect of football audiences throughout the midwestern states. The Band has earned and continues to prove itself worthy to its title: The Pride of the Midwest. It is our goal to perform at such a high level that the reputation earned by those before us may be passed on to those who follow. However, a tradition of excellence is never inherited — it is always earned. You are about to become a member of an outstanding collegiate marching band, whose primary functions are service oriented. As a member of the Band, you are giving more than receiving.

Our Mission: Entertainment, Support, Training

The Huskie Marching Band is a select organization whose mission is threefold: Entertainment, Support, and Training. While you will receive countless intrinsic rewards for participation, it is imperative that every member of the Huskie Band program understand that the three principal functions of the Huskie Bands are the ultimate goals for participation.

The Huskie Band performs at all university home games, at select away games, and at post-season bowl games. The Band entertains football crowds while both on the field and in the stands, at select parades, and at university events. The Band supports the Huskie football team and all other Northern Athletic teams. The Band also contributes to the training of students who may become band directors by supplementing the music education courses offered through the School of Music.  In particular, students from a diverse background are encouraged to participate in the Huskie Marching Band. 

The Huskie Marching Band always contributes to the festive atmosphere at our performance venues. Energy and high emotion are always associated with the Band’s appearances. The music we perform is understood and enjoyed by the audience at hand. The audience expects that whatever is done will be done well. Our shows contain variety, familiarity, musical excellence, visual interest, and tradition.

We strive to find a balance between these mutually important goals by performing appropriately complex music and drill while presenting a wide variety of show content.  The ultimate goal, however, must be to present the very best performance possible within the time limitations imposed by the season’s schedule. Good performance skills (musical, marching, and choreography) will always be demanded. Individuals in the Band should reflect a positive spirit and enjoy what they are doing, while maintaining a professional and dignified demeanor. The end result should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone involved—students, audience, and staff. College marching bands do not enter competitions, although exhibition performances at competitions may be scheduled from year to year. In the Huskie Band, a drive to provide outstanding service to our University—individually and collectively—should always be our primary motivation.