American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Welcome to the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Student Section of Northern Illinois University (NIU)

The purpose of the Student Section is to enhance and support the education of its members. In addition, participation in Student Section activities enables members to begin building a networking base throughout the safety profession on a local, state, and national level. Safety is important to everyone. Therefore, membership in the Student Section is open to all majors.  Note that attendance at meetings after the 3rd meeting in a semester will require payment of Student Section membership dues, unless special permission has been granted by the Student Section Executive or Faculty Advisor.

What can the ASSE do for you?

  • Meetings with guest speakers from a wide range of occupations.
  • The opportunity to develop leadership skills.
  • Begin building a respectable resume.
  • Interaction with professional community.
  • Support and counseling from peers and professionals.
  • Advancement in Ergonomics.
  • Certification in Occupational Safety and Health Standards

The ASSE National website is at

The Northeastern Illinois (NEIL) Chapter of ASSE is the parent Chapter of the NIU ASSE Student Section.

The Student Section Advisor is NIU faculty member  Dr. William J. Mills , III, Ph.D., M.Sc., CIH, C.Chem.

Office Phone: 815-753-5366


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Next NIU ASSE Student Chapter Meeting :

Today's (Monday April 14th)  meeting was cancelled due to weather. 

There will be a special (short ) meeting on TUESDAY APRIL 15 at  1630 hrs (4:30 PM) in Room SG 211

  1. to vote on the adoption of the Revised Bylaws
  2. to discuss and take orders for apparel (sweatshirts and poloshirts).  Orders need to be placed by Friday April 18 with the vendor in order to ensure delivery.

Next ASSE NEIL Chapter Meeting

Friday April 25


Schaumburg, IL

NEIL Monthly Meeting

Student Day
(plus NEIL Chapter  elections and member recognition awards)

The following topics are being presented by NIU students:

  1. Piconet Sensor Project -Javon Cartwright, Dan Cruz, Jesus Pineda
  2. Ergonomic Simulation and Modeling Software -Sruthi Unni
  3. Safety and Sustainability Assitance for Small Manufacturers, Martha Misch
  4. Johnson v. Colt (product liability)-Nick Sanders
  5. Contract Law-Alyssa Bramm


  1. Student presentations should  be 5-10 minutes long unless otherwise authorized by NEIL and Dr. Mills
  2. NIU Students planning on presenting must notify Dr. Mills by Friday April 18. 
  3. NIU Students planning on attending must notify Cymone King  ( and Dr. Mills  (   in advance (by 1600 hrs (4 PM) on Wed. April 23) and to let them know if you require transportation.   The NIU ASSE Section will provide the ASSE NIEL with the names of NIU attendees.  If a student does not do this, they may be denied free registration.