2008/9 Events Gallery

Spring 2009

David Driesbach with northern star reporters

David Driesbach, artist featured in Moonlight Cocktails are the Thing discusses his prints during the opening reception.

Photo - Peter Olson


David Johnson attends reception

David Johnson, artist featured in The Mayor of Palookaville shares insights during the opening reception.

Photo - Peter Olson



 delicious food featured at reception

Visitors enjoy delicious treats at our receptions
Photo - Peter Olson




Jay Ryan works on a print during his workshop in April

Jay Ryan works on the design for the print created in his workshop at the School of Art in April 2009.  Ryan's silkscreen prints were featured in the exhibition Flock.  For more photographs from the workshop visit our group page on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=57425692665

photo: Pete Olson

visiting youth group creates books

Students from Land of Learning enjoyed a tour of our printmaking suite and created books inspired by David Johnson's books in  The Mayor of Palookaville.

Photo - Peter Olson



 Susan Etcoff Fraerman discusses her work

Susan Etcoff Fraerman discusses her work in the exhibition Crossing Threads, Crossing Boundaries, at the opening reception, Feb. 2009 
Photo - Peter Olson




reception looking at sun choi's work

Ellen Roth Deutsch discusses Sun Choi's work in the group exhibition Crossing Threads, Crossing Boundaries, at the gallery talk.  For more photographs from the reception, talk and exhibition visit our group page on facebook. 

photo: Pete Olson

Yvette Kaiser Smith with her work

Yvette Kaiser Smith, artist in Crossing Threads, Crossing Boundaries, talks about her work during the opening reception.   

photo: Pete Olson

Aleksandra Giza Polish Poster lecture

Assistant Professor of Art, Aleksandra Giza, gave a lecture for the exhibition she curated: School of Polish Posters, Continued.  

photo: Pete Olson



Polish Posters from exhibition

Two Polish Posters on display in the exhibition School of Polish Posters Continued.



Fall 2008

Common Ground Reception

Common Ground Reception, October, 2008

craymond gallery talk

Catherine Ramond, Director of the Center for Burma Studies, gives a gallery talk in Belief Made Tangible.

global matrix panel

Panel Discussion for Global Matrix

Summer 2009

campus sculpture tour everyone's everest

Susan Carter, Assistant to Dean Rich Holly desends Everyone's Everest on a recent Campus Sculpture Tour.