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Wednesday, January 25
“Sociological Perspectives on the Significance of Space and Place in Performance Art”
Lecture by Jeffrey L. Kidder, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, NIU on the significance of space and place in performance art. Kidder’s essay on the social significance of space appears in the accompanying exhibition catalog for REGINA JOSÉ GALINDO: Bearing Witness.
5-6 p.m., Altgeld 125

Saturday, January 28
Guatemalan Museum Day at NIU
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m., Guatemalan food from Latin Patio Restaurant, Chicago
1-2 p.m., Push Factors Guided Tour with Museum Director Jennifer Kirker-Priest
Pick Museum of Anthropology, Cole Hall.

2:30-3:30 p.m., Guided Tour of the NIU Art Museum’s exhibitions with Museum Director Jo Burke.
NIU Art Museum, Altgeld Hall, First Floor, West End.

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Wednesday, February 1
Artist Talk with internationally-known Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo.
5-6 p.m., Altgeld 315
Light reception with the artist immediately following the lecture
6-7 p.m., NIU Art Museum

7-8:30 p.m., Altgeld 315
Guatemalan Poetry Event
Bilingual poetry reading and recital, including pieces written and performed by Regina José Galindo, readings of work by Ana María Rodas, Adolfo Méndez-Vides, Luis Alfredo Arango and Humberto Ak'abal. Hosted by Francisco Solares-Larrave with Frances Jaeger, Professors of Spanish Languages and Literatures, NIU.
Light reception with the artist before the Poetry Event
6-7 p.m., NIU Art Museum

Saturday, February 4
Regina José Galindo Performance
An exclusive performance event with Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo. Galindo will present a unique live-physical performance in Chicago at the DFBRL8R Gallery dedicated to ephemeral and time based artistic practices. $10 Requested Donation.
Join the NIU Art Museum’s GET-ON-THE-BUS EXCURSION to this event and enjoy dinner at Latin Patio. Departs 3 p.m. Call 815-753-1936 for pricing and to RSVP before February 2.
7 p.m., DFBRL8R Gallery, 1463 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago

Sunday, February 5
“Social Practice and Performance” Roundtable Discussion featuring artists Regina José Galindo, Marc Joseph Jeffery, Joseph Ravens, Roberto Sifuentes and Lisa Vinebaum addressing socially driven projects, forms of spectatorship and public engagement.
2-5 p.m., DFBRL8R Gallery, 1463 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago

Thursday, February 9
“Maya Pilgrimage and Migration in the Lacandon Rainforest” Joel Palka, Professor, Department of Anthropology, and Latin American and Latino Studies, University of Illinois-Chicago.
7-8 p.m., Cole 100

February 13 - February 17
Visiting Artist Residency with Pedro Rafaél González Chavajay in the Print Department at the NIU School of Art and Design.

Wednesday, February 15
"The History of Popular Maya Painting in Guatemala" with gallerist and collector, Joseph Johnston, Arte Maya Tz’uhutil.
7-8 p.m., Altgeld 315

Thursday, February 16
Artist and Collector Slide Talk with Pedro Rafaél González Chavajay with Joseph Johnston.
5-6 p.m., Visual Arts Building 102

Monday, February 20
"Visual Ethnography and Arts-Based Research: Two Videotaped Painting Lessons with Maya Painters Pedro Rafaél González Chavajay and Paula Nicho Cúmez" with Kryssi Staikidis, Associate Professor, Art Education + Design.
5-6 p.m., Latino Resource Center

Tuesday, February 21
Artist and Collector Slide Talk with Paula Nicho Cúmez with Rita Moran.
5-6 p.m., Visual Arts Building 102

Wednesday, February 22
Informal Gallery Talks with Maya Artists and Collectors VISIONES E HISTORIAS: Maya Paintings from Guatemala artists Pedro Rafaél González Chavajay and Paula Nicho Cúmez with collectors Joseph Johnston and Rita Moran discuss the exhibition.
5-6:30 p.m., NIU Art Museum

Thursday, February 23
Public Closing Reception with performance by Delia Victoria Cúmez Nicho of a Maya oral history shared with her by her grandmother that demonstrates the transmission of culture.
5-7:30 p.m., NIU Art Museum

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Events on campus also part of (RE)PRESENTING GUATEMALA

Wednesday, March 8
Curator and Artist Talk by Curators without Borders Director Heidi McKinnon and documentary photographer James Rodriguez.
5-6 p.m., Cole 100

Thursday, April 13
“Representing Revolutionary Campesino Politics in Guatemala’s 1950 Huelga de Dolores”
Lecture by Matt Maletz, Ph.D. Candidate in History, NIU.
5-6 p.m., Latino Resource Center


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For more information or questions about events at the NIU Art Museum please phone 815-753-1936 or email the Education Coordinator at shenn1@niu.edu.