Get on the Bus Gallery

2007 Photos

Inside Navy Pier in Chicago
for the 2007 SOFA Exposition.
photo: P.O.
Even rainy weather and road construction cannot deter these hearty travelers.

Pictured are Sandar Wynn, Lisa Fischer and Debbie Evans on the "First Friday" gallery opening trip to Chicago's River North and West Loop districts.
photo: E.F. 2007
Rahul Kumar, Derek and Kim Strom and Jess Witte outside the Zolla/Lieberman Gallery on "First Friday", 2007.
photo: P.O.
Kim Strom and Jess Witte ponder the exhibit at Chicago's I-Space Gallery.
photo: P.O. 2007
Our group outside the Chazen Museum in Madison, Wisconsin.
photo: J.W. 2007
The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.
photo: J.W. 2007
Chicago History Museum.
photo: K.S. 2007
National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago.
photo: K.S. 2007

J.B. = Jo Burke
E.F. = Elizabeth Fenwick
L.G. = Linda Groat
P.O. = Peter Olson
I.S. = Ivan Shills
K.S. = Kimberly Strom
J.W. = Jessica Witte