The ceramics program offers a diverse approach to the materials and processes with aesthetics ranging from functional works to contemporary vessels and sculptural forms. Class instruction includes wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques, mold making and slip casting, clay/glaze formulation and firing.  Students develop technical ability and conceptual understanding as well as historical knowledge of the material. Through interaction with peers, faculty, and individual attention, students engage in personal research that leads to personal artistic expression and creation.
A ceramic student organization provides opportunities for students to experiment with marketing their work, organizing filed trips, and bringing in visiting artists.  The ceramics facilities include a large under-graduate studio complete with electric wheels, working tables, extruders, spray booth, glaze areas and clay mixing room with clay mixer and ball mill.  A large kiln room contains both gas and electric kilns.  There is an outside kiln area for raku and alternative firing techniques.

The 2014-2015 Ceramics curriculum guide is available for viewing here.

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