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Poster Approval Stamp
This publication will be displayed on campus and needs to be stamped by Student Involvement & Leadership Development.

If you check Yes, the SILD poster approval stamp with the log number and the validation date will be printed directly on your publication.

Accessibility Statements
Following is the approved format for including accessibility statements on your publications.

For event posters/invitations:
"To request disability related accommodations, please contact NAME at NUMBER/E-MAIL. Advance notice is appreciated."

For other publications:
"To request this publication in an alternate format please contact NAME at NUMBER/E-MAIL."

Would you like to include the relevant statements on your publication?

If you check Yes, please provide contact name and number/E-mail for the statement.
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In order for your request to be accepted, you must submit text for the requested publication/project (excluding Logo/Nameplate/Graphic Art requests). The text must be in a Microsoft Word document and considered the final copy. Your document will be proofread. You may also submit photos or graphics on a disk (deliver to Design & Publications via campus mail at Altgeld 208). It is the project manager's responsibility to submit high-quality photos. Please contact Design & Publications or refer to the Division Design and Publication Guide for the specifics.

Please upload necessary Word Document(s) below.
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Special Note
The graphic design services are available only to departments reporting within the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.  Projects must meet specific audience and marketing criteria to be accepted.  Please call the Design & Publications Manager at 753-3040 with any questions or for clarification.
A typical graphic design request to print timeline can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  A more specific timeline will be agreed upon at the project meeting.  Old versions of print pieces or similar publications may be helpful in conveying your ideas.  Project managers are encouraged to bring their ideas to the project meeting, with the understanding that the new project will be original. 
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