Notary Public

Notary Public

The Administrative Professionals Advisory Council developed and currently maintains a list of Notary Publics on campus. The following is a partial list of available notaries on campus. If you need to have something notarized, contact any of the individuals listed below or contact a current member of the Administrative Professionals Advisory Council so that they can locate a notary near you. If you have recently become a notary and would be willing to have your name added to our list, please contact Candy Buie at 753-1189.


Adams Hall 

Williams, Debbie...Office of the Dean, Graduate School, Adams Hall 210, 753-0425


Altgeld Hall

Boardman, Jane...Development Administration, Altgeld Hall 135, 753-1048
Monteiro, Jay...Human Resource Services, Altgeld Hall, Mezzanine 11, 753-5188
Spring, Marianne, Office of the VP for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, Altgeld Hall 208, 753-1574


Barsema Hall

Berg, Margaret...Accountancy, Barsema Hall 345C, 753-6095


Campus Life

Hodgkinson, Kathy...Comm Standards & Student Conduct, Campus Life 280, 753-1571

Ransom, Sarah....Students' Legal Assistance, Campus Life 120, 753-1701


Dorland Building

Olson, Dena...Transportation Services, Dorland Building, Room 132, 753-1558 

Gabel Hall

Allen, Mary...SEED Clinical Office, Room 161, 753-9034
Owens, Felicia...Literacy Department, Room 147, 753-8556

Graham Hall

Wielert, Patricia....Dean's Office, Graham Hall 321, 753-9057 (call first)

Holmes Student Center

Smith, Karola...Ombudsperson, Room 601, 753-1414

Human Resource Services Building

Hess, Sandy...Human Resources, HR Building, 753-6026
James, Donna...Human Resources, HR Building, 753-6050
Woodson, Sandra...Human Resources, HR Building, Service Center, 753-1338
Wronkowski, Vicki...Human Resources, HR Building, 753-6034

Reavis Hall

Vander Meer, Jan...English, Reavis Hall 215, 753-0612

Swen Parson

Flores-Sender, Judy...Human Resources, Swen Parson 110, 753-0456