Anthropology Clubs and Organizations

Anthropology Club

The NIU Anthropology Club is an organization of students interested in the study of anthropology. Our main objective is to encourage a multicultural view of the world and to have fun doing it. We do this by enhancing student's leadership and communication skills, promoting professor-student relationships, and undertaking out of classroom experiences. Everyone is welcome to participate, including non-anthropology majors/minors.
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President: Sarah Tipton
Vice President: Daisy Dose
Secretary: DaQuan Russell-Watts
Treasurer: James Mogan
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Kurt Rademaker, Prof. Mitch Irwin


Anthropology Graduate Student Council

The Anthropology Graduate Student Council works to give graduate students a voice in the anthropology department. The purpose of the Anthropology Graduate Student Council is to facilitate communication and promote educational and professional development for the graduate students in the Department of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University. The Graduate Council meets regularly to discuss graduate student goal and priorities and works closely with faculty to ensure that graduate students have the best possible educational experience. The graduate student council encourages all interested students and faculty to participate in meetings and projects. Everyone is welcome. 

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President: Caitlin Bemis
Vice President: John Hood
Treasurer: Adam Pope
Secretary: Emily Stephens
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Emily McKee