Steph Gruver

B.S., Archaeological Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, 2015

I am an archaeologist interested in exploring questions regarding subsistence practices on the coastal regions and the adjacent highlands in pre-Columbian Peru during times of extreme environmental stress, especially during droughts and El Nino events. Today our environment is rapidly changing due to global warming, and I believe it is critical to study sustainable resource utilization from past environments that have experienced similar changes.  Environmentally, we have a good idea as to what goes on during El Nino events, but what I am curious about is the physical magnitude of past events as well as the economic adaptations that followed.



  • Project Pachacamac  2015 Analyzed seed and fibers in dried lake cores from the sacred Peruvian lake, Pachacamac.
  • Proyecto Arqueológico Tlajinga Teotihuacan 2014- Analyzed the sequence of production of obsidian blades.
  • Proyecto Arqueológico Kaminaljuyú 2013 - Analyzed the sequence of production of obsidian blades.
  • Fort Shirley Project  2013 -Attended Penn State’s archaeological field school for the Fort Shirley Project in Shirleysburg, which was a Native American and colonial trading post throughout the French and Indian War.