Amanda Hamrick

B.S., Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota, 2017
B.A., Anthropology, University of Minnesota, 2017

I am a first-year graduate student studying biological anthropology, specifically primatology. I have done fieldwork in Kenya and Panama. I interned at the Minnesota Zoo and have done lab work in experimental behavioral ecology and in DNA sequencing. I plan to conduct fieldwork for my master’s thesis in 2018.

Research Projects

  • Directed Research, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota, Jan. 2016-May 2016
    “Establishment of convention in European starlings”
  • Directed Research, Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, School for Field Studies, Panama, Nov. 2015-Dec. 2015
    “The effect of cacao management intensity on mammal populations and canopy connectivity”
  • Independent Project, Primatology, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation field school, Kenya, August 2015
    “The effect of a takeover on juvenile Cercopithecus neglectus in Mathews Range”
  • Independent Project, Department of Biology, University of Minnesota, Nov. 2014-Dec. 2014
    “The effect of sex on learning in Periplaneta americana