Kurt Rademaker
Ph.D., University of Maine, 2012
Assistant Professor

I am an interdisciplinary archaeologist interested in human-environment dynamics, hunter-gatherer colonization of South America, adaptations in extreme environments, and foundations of complex societies. In the past decade I have carried out archaeological research primarily in the Peruvian Andes and glacial geology in Peru and Scotland. I also have worked as an archaeologist in the Eastern Woodlands and Great Basin regions of the U.S., Mexico, and Chile. 

In Peru I investigate hunter-gatherer sites from the Pacific Coast to the high Andes. This research includes study of lithic technology, raw material provenance, and geographic information systems (GIS). I have ongoing collaborations with earth science colleagues to produce high-resolution paleo-environmental records. Collaborative research with physical anthropologists and geneticists is focused on understanding how humans have adapted to live in high-elevation mountain regions, some of the most challenging environments on Earth.

Northern Illinois University students have the opportunity to participate directly in my field and lab research in coastal and highland Peru. In 2017-2018 we are planning excavations of early sites at the Peruvian Pacific Coast, study of archaeological lithic, faunal, and paleobotanical remains from the high-elevation Cuncaicha rockshelter and other sites, recovery of lake sediment cores to investigate environmental change in the Andes, and surveying remote canyons to discover archaeological sites. 

I encourage any interested students to contact me via email in advance of applying to the NIU graduate program.

Affiliated with:

Institute for the Study of Environment, Sustainability, and Energy

Center for Latino and Latin American Studies


Available at

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