Faculty & Staff

Susan P. Montague - Retired

Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1974

Associate Professor Emeritus Professor Montague is a cultural anthropologist specializing in Trobriand and American culture. Her research has focused on Trobriand cosmology and the role of cosmology in human life. She has conducted field research in the Trobriand Islands and the United States. Professor Montague teaches courses in peoples of the Pacific Islands, American culture, and introductory cultural anthropology.

Selected Publications

To Eat for the Dead: Kaduwagan Mortuary Events. In Frederick H. Damon and Roy Wagner, eds., "Death Rituals and Life in the Societies of the Kula Ring", pp. 23-45. DeKalb: NIU Press (1989).

Infant Feeding and Health Care in Kaduwaga Village. In Leslie Marshall, ed., "Infant Care and Feeding in the South Pacific". New York: Gordon and Breach (1985).