Faculty & Staff

Michael J. Kolb

Ph.D., UCLA, 1991; Presidential Teaching Professor,
NIU General Education Coordinator, Associate Vice Provost

Professor Kolb is an archaeologist whose research interests include complex societies, monumental architecture, and the archaeology of power and ritual. He has conducted field work in Polynesia, Europe, and Africa. His most recent fieldwork has focused on social stratification and the political economy of the Maui Kingdom in Hawaii, and the rise of complexity in early Iron Age Sicily. Professor Kolb teaches courses in archaeology, field methods, ethnohistory, quantitative analysis, and method and theory. He is currently the director of the Na Heiau O Maui and one of the international co-directors of The Elymi Project.

Selected Publications

The origins of monumental architecture in ancient Hawai'i. Current Anthropology 46(4):657-664, 2006.

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