Jonathan Haas 
B.A. Arizona, PhD Columbia University 
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Haas is the MacArthur Curator of the Americas in the Department of Anthropology.  He is an anthropological archaeologist, with over 40 years of field experience in both North and South America.  With his colleague, Winifred Creamer, he has directed two projects in the American Southwest: one on the origins of war and the Anasazi abandonment of the Four Corners region; and a second on the nature of interaction between Pueblo people and early Spanish colonists in New Mexico in the 16th and 17th centuries.  In 2000, they initiated a new project of excavation and survey looking at the foundations of civilization in Andean Peru in the 3rd millennium B.C.  Haas has been at the Field Museum since 1989 and been involved with development of numerous temporary and permanent exhibits, including Chocolate.  He was the lead curator for comprehensive new permanent exhibit, Ancient Americas, which tells the millennial story of humans thriving in the Western Hemisphere.



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