Faculty & Staff

Ronald Provencher - Retired

Ph.D. California-Berkeley, 1968; Professor Emeritus

Professor Provencher is a cultural anthropologist specializing in the study of complex societies. His research has focused on cultures of Southeast Asia, particularly in the ethnic Malay communities of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Field research has included studies of social and cultural change in urban and rural Malay communities, Temuan and Malay folk medicine, Malay and Thai personality and social organization, ethnic relations in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, and social and political commentary in Malay humor.

Selected Publications

Order in the Malay House: Malay Kin Categories, Ethnic Ranks, and the Unconventional Behavior of Toyols Pp. 299-319 In Lorraine V, Aragon & Susan D. Russell, Eds., Structuralism's Transformations: Order and Revision in Indonesian and Malaysian Societies, Papers Written in Honor of Clark E. Cunningham. Arizona State University Program for Southeast Asian Studies, Monograph Series Press, 1999.

"Malaysia's Mad Magazines: images of females and males in Malay culture, Pp. 187-203 In John A. Lent, Ed., Illustrating Asia: Comics, Humour Magazines and Picture Books. The Curzon Press and The University of Hawaii Press, 2001.