NIU Annuitants Association Events

Several complimentary coffee klatches and wine and cheese tastings are held throughout the year. Check this page often for upcoming events.

2016 Events

June 14-29: Alaska and the Yukon Territory Solstice annual trip

July 15: Chicago Garden tour


July 24: CUBS vs BREWERS at Miller Field, Milwaukee

July 25-29: Stratford Festival of Canada, starting at $1299

July 31: Tall Ships, Navy Pier, Chicago

September 9: Stars of the Lyric Opera

October 9-15: Lancaster and GETTYSBURG

October 26: HAMILTON (waitlist only)

December 3: Chicago Shopping trip, $20.16

December 5-9: Branson Show trip

December: Grand Holiday cruise from New York to Caribbean

2017 Events

January: Polar Vortex Escape cruise from San Diego

February: New Orleans

Feburary 20 - March 5: African Safari - Tanzania and Zanibar

March 12-20: Irish Elegance

June 7: NIU Annuitants Annual Meeting & Dinner – 3:00 pm Holmes Student Center – Sandburg Auditorium

For information/reservations, contact Steven Johnson at

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