Guide to Basic NMR Experiments

The Topspin User Guide PDF File Logo will explain how to run basic NMR experiments which are already set up at the NMR instrumentation. For further reference, see list of basic operation commands.


  • Word in Bold Italics signifies a key in the NMR keypad.
  • Word in Italics signifies a part of the NMR device.
  • Word in Bold signifies a Topspin command.
  • Word in CAPITALS signifies a Topspin parameter.
  • Phrases in square brackets [ ] signify an optional (in certain cases) command.


  • 1H-NMR
  • 10B/11B-NMR
  • 13C-NMR
  • 15N-NMR
  • 19F-NMR
  • 31P-NMR
  • 195 Pt-NMR
  • Homonuclear decoupling / decoupling of different nuclei
  • Water suppression / presaturation
  • Solvent suppression
  • APT (attached proton test)
  • DEPT
  • T1 determination