Freshman Admissions

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MyNIU Freshman Application Status

MyNIU logoYou can monitor your application status and review your application file information online using MyNIU.

  • After submitting your application materials, you will receive an acknowledgment e-mail from NIU Admissions, typically within 72 hours of receiving your online application, or within 2 weeks of receiving a mailed application. The email will acknowledge receipt of your application and contain instructions on how to set up your MyNIU account. If you do not have an email address, you will be mailed an application acknowledgment letter with the MyNIU instructions and procedures.

  • Learn how to access your MyNIU account, and you will be able to check and monitor your application status online continuously -- from start through an admissions decision!

  • Learn how to setup and use your NIU Student Email Account, and you will be able to check and monitor your official university correspondence such as admissions decision notifications, class schedules, Student Financial Aid notifications, and statements from the Bursar, which are sent to NIU student e-mail accounts.  University systems such as Blackboard and announcements send their messages to your student e-mail account too!  Be in contact, set up and monitor your NIU Student Email account!

  • Freshman applicants receiving an admissions offer decision, go next to: Next Steps

Important Details Regarding the MyNIU Information Update Process

  • If you access MyNIU prior to receiving your acknowledgement email or letter, your information may not yet be available in the system.
  • Updates are continuously added as received, require processing time and are not instantaneous. Be patient and monitor MyNIU for status updates on a daily/weekly basis.    
  • You will need to learn to access the MyNIU site using your AccountID/Z-ID and password.  Follow the instructions in your acknowledgement email or letter to access MyNIU or see  How to Access MyNIU  procedures.   
  • All required Freshman application materials and supporting documents must be sent to NIU Undergraduate Admissions to establish a Complete Application File  to process your application to a final admission decision. 
  • Complete Application Files are those files which contain completed applications with the fee or qualified fee waiver, official transcripts, official ACT and /or SAT test scores, and any other specifically identified supporting documents received at NIU Admissions, prior to any established priority filing dates or announced deadlines, for evaluation and determination toward a final admission decision.  
  • An incomplete application file will not be processed for an admission decision.  It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure all complete application requirements and supporting documents are sent to NIU Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Any outstanding documents necessary to process your application will be on your MyNIU "To Do List". Once you order a document or a test score to be sent to NIU, allow a minimum of 3-4 weeks for the information to be received and updated to your MyNIU page.  Mail delivery time and NIU processing time can vary and may be longer during peak application periods.
  • Freshman applicants offered admission to NIU, must confirm their intention to enroll using MyNIU.