Political Science Degree Plan for Accelerated BA/BS and JD Program

About the Program

Students must meet the following criteria:

    • Maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA
    • Completed 90 credit hours of course work, fulfilling all general education and Political Science major (Politics and Governance emphasis) requirements
    • Taken the LSAT by February of their junior year, and scored above the median LSAT score for the previous year's entering class at the College of Law.

Students who meet the above requirements can apply to NIU’s College of Law under the special provisions of this program. The application must be submitted by no later than February 15th of the applicant’s junior year.

Upon acceptance, students will begin taking first year law classes at the beginning of their fourth year, and will receive their bachelor’s degree at the end of that school year.  After completing two more years of study in the College of Law, students will receive their Juris Doctor degree.

For more information on the accelerated law degree program or to participate in the program, please contact Political Science Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Mitch Pickerill (pick@niu.edu.)