“The Latino and Latin American Studies minor was a way for me better understand my cultural roots. Once I had a strong sense of self, I was able to branch out to other cultural groups and see how their histories and experiences were interconnected with Latin America.”

—Adam Lopez, Student, History major


Latino and Latin American Studies

Latinos are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the United States, and they comprise an increasing percentage of university students at Northern Illinois University and elsewhere. The Latino-Latin American Studies program embraces an interdisciplinary approach to the culture, development, resources, history and societies of Latin America and the Caribbean, and Latino/a peoples dispersed around the globe.

The program brings to light awareness and understanding of the many issues faced by the
Latino and Latin American peoples of the western hemisphere. Faculty representing different departments and perspectives provide a stimulating introduction into the interrelated worlds of Latino America and Latin America.

Type of Program: Minor (18 credit hours)

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • ILAS 100: Introduction to Latin
    American Civilizations (3) or
  • HIST 382: Modern Latin America (3)

Sample of the electives:

  • ANTH 417: Archaeology of South America (3)
  • FLSP 380: Gender and Hispanic
    Business Practices (3)
  • GEOG 332: Geography of Latin America (3)
  • HIST 374: Latinos in the United States (3)
  • POLS 381: The U.S. and Latin America (3)
  • SOC 358: Racial and Ethnic Minority Families (3)

Located near the center of campus, the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies serves the university’s faculty and students through a variety of research and cultural programs. The center also offers a minor in Latino and Latin American Studies, a graduate concentration in Latin American Studies, research grants for affiliated faculty and graduate students, undergraduate scholarships, a speaker series, cultural programming and outreach activities. The center houses a computer lab, a smart classroom, a library and study areas.

Program Contact:
Center for Latino and Latin American Studies
Phone: (815) 753-1532
Email: latinostudies@niu.edu

For more information,
visit www.niu.edu/latinostudies