ACADEMIC DIVERSITY PROGRAMS offer students an opportunity to expand and enhance their general education, academic major, and career preparation  by taking courses specifically designed to develop and increase their cultural competency in better meeting the challenges of existing in a global society.  These programs' interdisciplinary design introduces students to the different ways disciplines conceptualize, investigate and analyze issues of culture and diversity while also increasing their cultural awareness, knowledge, and sensitivity toward others.  These programs of study also aid students in bringing new perspectives to their major areas of study and career paths. We invite and encourage you to take the diversity challenge  in developing cultural competency knowledge and skills that will empower you to make a positive difference on campus, your community, society and the world.

Why is diversity important in higher education?

  • Diversity prepares students for living and working with people from a wide range of backgrounds. By experiencing diversity in college, you are laying the groundwork for working and interacting comfortably with a variety of individuals from all nationalities.
  • A greater understanding of diversity deepens the educational experience of every student and enriches the work life of every faculty and staff member.
  • Diversity provides a diverse range of faculty who, in turn, may serve as role models for a diverse student population.
  • Diversity expands the range of research and teaching interests represented in departments and programs.
  • Students are encouraged to examine their beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions about differences of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, ethnic and racial identity, disabilities, learning styles, and other forms of diversity.
  • Diversity enhances social development. Interacting with people from a variety of groups widens your social circle by expanding the pool of people with whom you associate and develop relationships.
  • Diversity prepares students for future career success. Successful performance in today’s diverse workforce requires sensitivity to human differences and the ability to relate to people from different cultural backgrounds. Employers value diversity.
  • Diversity enhances self-awareness. Learning from people whose backgrounds and experiences differ from your own sharpens your self- knowledge and self-interest by allowing you to compare and contrast your life experiences with others whose experiences differ sharply from your own.
  • Diversity allows students to develop an awareness and respect for social justice. Courses related to this aspect of human diversity seek to increase students’ awareness and understanding of justice and injustice.
  • Diversity helps develop leaders who are prepared to affect social change in a positive way in the workplace and society.

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