Global Studies

The minor in Global Studies offers students the opportunity to acquire a strong worldwide focus for their program. Global focus is important for making students competitive in the increasingly globalized economy and society.

Global Studies is open to students in all disciplines, and is appropriate for students planning careers in business, government, Foreign Service, teaching social science at the secondary level and law. It may be beneficial for business, foreign language and journalism students looking to strengthen their credentials.

Type of Program: Minor (9-12 credit hours)

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Foundational courses are required, with the additional requirement that the courses must cover at least three different disciplines (i.e., ANTH, GEOG, POLS, HIST). (9-12)

After completing foundational courses, GSM students may specialize in Global Politics, Global Commerce, Global Development or Global Arts.

  • ANTH 220: Introduction to
    Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • GEOG 202: World Regional Geography (3)
  • GEOG 204: Geography of Economic Activities (3)
  • HIST 174: World History II –
    Problems in the Human Past (3)
  • POLS 260: Introduction to
    Comparative Politics (3)
  • POLS 285: Introduction to
    International Relations (3)

Sample of electives:

  • ANTH 363: Globalization and
    Corporate Cultures (3)
  • JOUR 482: International News
    Communications (3)
  • MKTG 387: International Study in Marketing (3)
  • SOCI 363 – Sociology in the Military

The Global Studies minor draws upon several departments and dozens of faculty members across campus, and in that sense has a robust capacity to offer a number of courses to our students.

Program Contact:
Dr. Courtney Gallaher, Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
(815) 753-6836